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Chocolate and Dogs

30 Nov
What if your dog eats chocolate ? What can you expect to see and how fast until you see the signs ? When jumping in the car and race off to the emergency clinic chocolate for dogs?

General Information :

Hazardous components chocolate for dogs chocolate company pose a risk to your dog or cat health are caffeine , hemophilia and theorem ( Known as ” methyl ” ) . These are substances which give rise to what we call the syndrome or poisoning ” of chocolate toxicity .” Methyl are found naturally in plants , food , chocolate for dogs, drinks and a variety of human and veterinary drugs.

Mild reactions can be observed after ingestion of 20 mg / kg. Moderate to severe reactions may be observed at higher doses of 40 mg / kg . chocolate for dogs Severe reactions , seizures and death can occur at doses more than 40 to 45 mg / kg. Dose ” LD 50 ” refers to the dose at which half or 50% of the animals die after ingestion or exposure ( based on laboratory research ) . The LD of the theorem and caffeine in dogs and cats is 100-200 mg / kg .
chocolate for dogs LD for hemophilia is 300 mg / kg (dogs ) and 700 mg / kg (cats ) . However, animals can and do die from well below the LD exhibitions. In case of doubt , consult your veterinarian as soon as possible!

Clinical signs usually occur within 6 to 12 hours after ingestion. These chocolate for dogs clinical signs are :

chocolate for dogs
Racing heart rhythm progressing to abnormal rhythms
Death in severe cases

It takes about 4 days chocolate for dogs for the effects of chocolate to make its way to the system of a dog. If the chocolate is eat , may vomit , otherwise , hospitalization and support are needed until the chocolate has made wits way onto the system.

More details :
Theo bromine is a methyl that occur as the main alkaloid in chocolate and cocoa powder. This is chocolate for dogs the substance that is primarily responsible for chocolate poisoning in dogs and other pets.

The treatment of ingestion of more than 20 mg / kg body weight of theorem or equivalent ( about 40 mg per kg body weight ) chocolate for dogs is recommended.

Theo bromine content per gram of chocolate product
White chocolate – 0.009 mg ( 9 PPM )
Drinking chocolate ( dry ) – 0.5 mg
Milk chocolate chocolate for dogs – from 1.5 to 2.2 mg
Plain ( dark) chocolate – 45-16 mg
Cocoa powder – 5.3 26 mg
Cocoa beans – 1,143 mg
Cocoa shell mulch ( Mulch Yard) – 14-30 mg

The quantities of the following substances can cause the following problems:

7 g ( 0.25 ounces ) of baking chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight
56 g ( 2 oz ) of milk chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight
11.2 kg ( 400 oz ) of white chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight

* Remember that 1 kg = 2.2 pounds (Beg , a dog weighing 10 kg = 22 pounds). Divide your weight by 2.2 to animals convert pounds to kilograms units.

* In case of doubt as to the chocolate for dogs amount of chocolate your dog has ingested , consult your veterinarian immediately ! In fact, you should consult your veterinarian in any case you suspect that your dog has ingested a toxic or harmful substance.

Use our handy calculator to help you determine the level of risk in relation to your dog. Calculator chocolate for dogs

Vet Guru Inc was founded by veterinarian Dr. Douglas Kramer in 2006 to research and develop innovative products for pets based chocolate for dogs formulations herbal and holistic . The company focuses on the integration of natural therapies in new delivery systems that are more efficient and animals administration practices.

Chocolate and Dogs

chocolate for dogs

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How To Cut Dog Nails

29 Nov
Does your dog need a manicure? One of the most dreaded grooming needs of cutting dog nails  our dogs is their nails. They not only do they hate having their nails cut , we hate to do. If you hate cutting your dog’s nails and want to learn how to keep your dog’s nails cut and shaped easily , here’s how :
First, cutting dog nails whether you hear a click – click sound while your dog walks across the kitchen floor , it’s time to cut those nails. Long nails on a dog can actually be painful for them . What are really overgrown nails can even curl up to your dog’s paw , piercing in her skates !
There are cutting dog nails  several types of nail clippers on the market , so choose one that you feel comfortable . Basic types of dog nail clippers :
Clipper Guillotine – This section When you insert the tip cutting dog nails  of the nail to move into the opening and press it . Good for large breed dogs .
Clippers Scissors – These work more like scissors to cut the nail.
Grinder – This is a great way to finish the nail or for easy maintenance .cutting dog nails  It is the PediPaws mark or you can use a professional grinder ( like a dog groomer would use ) or even a dremel .
Note: If you are unsure cutting dog nails  about the process, ask your vet to show you how to do the first time.
5 Easy Steps to carve dog Nails
Get supplies ready : Before you begin, gather the supplies you will need to have in hand clippers, powder or cornstarch , wet a washcloth , towel warmer, and a few treats for dogs hemostatic .
Calm your dog : Calm your dog with a cutting dog nails  relaxing massage or fondle her gently while until I gets sleepy. Continue along massage his legs to his feet and more .
A little at a time : Try to cut only a few nails on your first session , then offer a treat as a reward. Wait a few hours and then try to do a little more cutting dog nails  .
 Continue this process , even if it takes a few days to get the fours completed. Be sure and cut only the end point of each nail to avoid cutting the quick cutting dog nails .
Smooth the edges : Use an emery board or grinder to smooth each cut nail.
Reward your dog : In addition to sweets , take your dog for a quick walk around the block when you are finished. With rewards of this kind, it will not be long before your dog starts looking forward to having his nails trimmed cutting dog nails  .
More information about trimming nails and dog grooming .
Copyright : You may freely republish this article, cutting dog nails  provided the text, author credit , the active links and this notice remain intact copyright .

How To Cut Dog Nails

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Why Do Dogs Have Dew-Claws?

28 Nov
dog dew claws are the remains of the first fingers of the ancestors of dogs. When the family dog began to specialize as runners during evolution, his legs became longer and narrowed five toes on all four feet. The first toes disappeared legs wild dogs , but before the legs have survived as relics affecting more soil dog dew claw .
This design gives an impressive turn of speed wolves dew claw injury , on 35 – 40 mph was recorded dog dew claw repeatedly at dew claws removed cost distances up to a quarter mile . The individual limits of five meters were measured.
dog dew claw Resistance is also remarkable dog dew claw distances. Huskies, the closest race of wolf ancestor, dew claw injury have been known to pull a sled over 500 miles in a total time of only 80 hours .
Become the man in dew claw injury the dew claws removed cost management of sacrifices in other directions dog dew claw.
The ability of dogs to climb and dog dew claw jump worsened since their performance has improved. But his greater speed and greater resistance to persecution have become extremely efficient and sufficient for wild dogs to survive in the world successfully for the hot tropics to the frozen ground dog dew claw .
RAM should be well on its way,dew claws removed cost dog dew claw a victim of the coming of age of the dogs track athletes . But if this is the case, then it seems strange that many breeds of domestic dogs seem to reverse the trend. One imagines that modern dogs eliminate further former canine ancestor are wolves or dingoes , have lost all their spurs, “thumbs ” dew claw injury front legs following the ” toe ” of the hind legs forgotten dog dew claw.
However , the reverse is the case . dew claws removed cost Many breeds of modern dogs have all four pins present. The back is not as strong or attached to the front, usually consisting of no more than a free bone and claw foot badly connected by a small flap of skin , but still represent a dog dew claw slight twist in dogs evolution .
 Races with these spurs back foot , dew claw injury dog dew claw but they are residual , are closer in this sense, at least to the ancient canine ancestor the wolf or Dingo . Why turn it into a place taken original state ?
The answer is in the process known as neaten – features infant survival in adult animals . This is what happened to the dogs during the 10,000 dog dew claw years of selection controlled by man. They have , indeed, become wolves minors. They can reproduce , but keep most of their models for young people, such as joy and obedience to a pseudo- father – the human owner . It also maintains a number of anatomical characteristics of children, such as floppy ears seen so many races today .
Rams hiring more part of this process. We have generated a series of increasingly extreme in the different characteristics of modern breeds , but in other ways that are more primitive than the highly specialized wolf all were fired. In other words , when we started to turn the wolf into the dog we turned back and forward dog dew claw.
Interestingly, dog breeders feel intuitively that dew claw injury there is something wrong with spurs and advise that must be removed when puppies are between three to six days .
dog dew claw They recognize as ” trend unspecializing ” and correct . The excuse that if these rudimentary claws are allowed to remain , may be taken in the dew claw injury undergrowth and torn is given . Considering that dew claw injury are inside of the legs and on earth , it’s pretty unlikely accident and banal excuse, but the unconscious desire of the Specify ” dog paws is strong enough to ignore . (Except in specific races, such as the Braid dog and Great Pyrenees , where the spurs of the hind legs should be kept to meet the standards of the breed dog dew claw. )

Why Do Dogs Have Dew-Claws?

dog dew claw

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dog antlers

26 Nov

Never heard of deer antlers for dogs before dog antlers ? Some owners might undermine the idea of ​​giving their wooden dog fear that can potentially harm them. However, they are actually one of the safest and most beneficial of all types to give your canine friends . If you want to know more about these all-natural delights, read on and I ‘ll tell you why they are ideal for dogs to chew.
If you are a deer hunter , then you probably know that many animals looking wooden shed. Squirrels, foxes, coyotes , wolves and rodents often traverse the landscape in search of wood. Although it is not known , it is believed that the eating of beneficial minerals and nutrients contained therein, such as calcium and vitamins. This nutritional center helps animals grow, develop and stay healthy in general dog antlers. dog antlers Dogs can benefit from the intake of these nutrients in the same way as other wildlife box . In fact , most veterinarians recommend owners give their dogs more calcium in your diet, because it strengthens bones and teeth.
Not only the nutrient timber for dogs , but also long term . Some dog treats as raw hides or bones milk will last a day or two in the dog antlers gills of a large breed dog .
 Antlers , on the other hand, are one of the strongest formations found in nature , allowing your dog to have hours of enjoyment from them.
Because the horns are strong and durable dog antlers , they also work to clean your dogs teeth and chewing on them. Many breeds of dogs are prone to develop dental problems, including crowded teeth , tooth decay and tooth loss .
dog antlers If you allow your dog to chew wood , which will help remove plaque and food that gets stuck in the teeth.
Many homeowners refrain from giving their dogs smell they emit. dog antlers Great raw hides usually have no smell at first, but after dog chews on them for some time , emit a pungent odor. Antlers , however, never smell, dog antlers no matter how long a dog has chewed on them.
If you have dog antlers any wood that you want to give your dog, you should cut into small pieces first. Take a hacksaw or any other instrument dog antlers with cutting, and cut the horns up to 6 inch size pieces dog antlers.
Although the horns are solid and safe for dogs to eat , you should always supervise them when they are enjoying their pleasure. Dogs can choke on anything , even horns, which is why it is important to provide them . When the treatment of wood is too small for your dog safely eat , remove and discard . Antlers are cheap and you can easily make more of these treats for your dog.

dog antlers

dog antlers

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The Importance of Vaccinating Your Dog

25 Nov

If you own a dog , then you know the importance of keeping your pet healthy . Dogs have proven repeatedly that they really are the best friend of man . They are loyal companions who will do almost anything they are told to do. Protect family members and even help people to calm down after a long day of work. Keeping your dog healthy is very important. One of the dog shots most effective ways to keep healthy ways is through regular vaccines rabies vaccine for dogs.

Vaccines have repeatedly proven to help protect your pet against deadly diseases. Some diseases are rabies, distemper and hepatitis. Of course , there are many other types of vaccines are available for dogs. By vaccinating your pet is important to start the process when they are still a puppy. Dog shots As a puppy that will have a regular schedule to be worn by their shots.
Your veterinarian can help you determine which vaccines are appropriate for your pet. Time has shown that all dogs have different needs due to the age dog shots and the environment in which they live. For example, an older dog may not need certain vaccines because it is inside the most dog shots. A young dog may require more yearly because it short and hunting wild animals that come into your yard dog shots rabies vaccine for dogs.
Vaccines are usually provided on the basis of injection. This means that should be given in a timely manner to function properly rabies vaccine for dogs. Once your dog has first vaccines to be back once a year for their pilots per year. Some vaccines require to return every three years .
If the appointment is missed, rabies vaccine for dogs you should try to get the vet as soon dog shots as possible , so that the vaccine remains effective dog shots.
Dog shots An important component of the health of regular checkups for your pet. Health examinations at the vet give a complete picture of the health of your dog. The vet begins to build a relationship with your pet and get to know them better dog shots. Having checkups can also detect harmful health problems before they become serious rabies vaccine for dogs .
 Early detection can mean life or death when it comes to certain diseases. Find Early Edition, there are better options available for treatment. Keeping your dog healthy is dog shots important to you and it is important for them dog shots rabies vaccine for dogs.

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Dog

dog shots

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The Most Popular Miniature Dogs

25 Nov
Many people around the world own dogs for different reasons . They are considered the best friend of man . There are many breeds with different characteristics and capabilities.
Miniature dogs are the most popular today among the types of dogs because they are easier to maintain. Miniature dogs or toy dogs sometimes called species are essentially small dogs regularly.
Many owners of miniature dogs feel the greatest benefits of owning dogs. To begin with, the dogs do not eat as much food as compared to larger dogs. Toy dogs do not require too much space in your home or garden. These dogs can easily adapt to owners who live in small apartments because they do not require much exercise .
Although these dogs are small , with the strong and distinct personality. They are also ideal pets for young children and a good companion Tours
If you are interested in owning a miniature pet your dog, it is important that you understand that these dogs have characteristics and needs . For example , older people are more likely to nature and care of pet dogs. Some prefer the guy who could take with them when hunting . Your lifestyle and personality must be considered when choosing which breed to get. You should also consider your financial capacity in terms of providing food and preparation necessary too.
Many breeds of miniature dogs have excellent intelligence as the Eastland Sheepdog . Some are good for dog shows , while others are ideal as watchdogs.
Here are some of the most favorite of many pet lovers miniature dogs.
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Poodles are considered one of the most popular breeds in the world. Poodles are friendly, obedient and intelligent. This type of dog excels in the area of ​​competition obedience. They are the most common types used for dog shows . Live longer compared to other types of dogs . Poodles need a lot of grooming and regular baths to keep your hair .
This dog breed is originally stop to hair that has been used to protect sheep . The word Poodle comes from a German word puddle . The miniature poodle we known today originated in Germany poodle Miniature Dogs.
Shih Tug
This breed of miniature dog is funny, affectionate and intelligent. This toy dog ​​wants to be cuddled and loved. This type of dog likes to be prepared daily and intensified the usual places. Are also considered as good guard dogs a toy dog.
If you decide to have a Shih Tug Miniature Dogs , it is important to prepare every day Miniature Dogs , if your hair tangles develop. The shield can also be adjusted so as not to impede their daily activities. His hairy body is also prone to slow and ticks make sure it a toy dog is washed and shampoo regularly a toy dog.
The Shih Tug breed is the result of cross Lash Paso and Pekingese for breeding of Chinese people. During the time of the Empress Tug- his , the export of these breeds is not allowed . It was not until the death of the a toy dog Empress that Shih Tug dogs were smuggled and reached Europe Miniature Dogs.
The Chihuahua is another Miniature Dogs breed of miniature dog. Essentially, they are easy to maintain compared to a toy dog other types of miniature dogs. This is the smallest breed of dog in the world .
Its name was taken from a state in Mexico . These dogs are considered sacred to the Miniature Dogs Incas.
Whatever breed of miniature Miniature Dogs dogs that you have chosen as your pet , it is important to know enough information about the characteristics, needs and Miniature Dogs maintenance capabilities before deciding to have one as a pet Miniature Dogs.

The Most Popular Miniature Dogs

Miniature Dogs

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cheap dog insurance

23 Nov

Looking for the best and cheap dog insurance? Just know where to look . Through many sites that offer cheap dog insurance is not overwhelming to choose one. Honestly , the more options you have in front of you, the harder it is for you to make a decision. The technique for this is to reduce what is exactly what they want , and how much is your budget for cheap dog insurance.

You can get lots of pet insurance Cheap company. Just because it’s cheap , does not mean you can not get better. If you are able to see an insurance provider that offers the same benefits as regular pet insurance company, but at a cheaper price , then you should enjoy this . In fact, getting a cheap dog insurance not , you can save up to 5% of the insurance not expensive dog.

There are some insurance providers pet can save you even more if you ask for their services through their website. A number of dog owners do it because, as they save more on insurance, arriving to spend more luxury for their dogs .

It is very important to have insurance for pets too , because we are not sure what might happen to the beloved pet the next day. In fact cheap dog insurance , statistics show that dog owners save a lot more and they treat their animals after a car accident if they have insurance coverage for pets.

Usually, insurance providers offer different levels of coverage for dog owners. You can choose the cheap dog insurance that best suits your budget and needs of your dog responds . You can even get a lot of cheap dog insurance is specifically designed for your pet. If you choose to buy these on line, you can even get discounts cheap dog insurance .

A common question on the cheap dog insurance is not whether there is an age limit . Older animals can still consult their veterinarian and have costs covered , regardless of their age. Three of them are even insurance providers that help their customers want their pets in case they get lost .

Finally, although it is also a cheap dog insurance not , terms and conditions apply. Read the benefits and conditions that are on the same page as the insurance provider . You can even compare quotes from these insurance providers and get the best for you , and of course for your dog

cheap dog insurance

cheap dog insurance

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