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Chocolate and Dogs

30 Nov
What if your dog eats chocolate ? What can you expect to see and how fast until you see the signs ? When jumping in the car and race off to the emergency clinic chocolate for dogs?

General Information :

Hazardous components chocolate for dogs chocolate company pose a risk to your dog or cat health are caffeine , hemophilia and theorem ( Known as ” methyl ” ) . These are substances which give rise to what we call the syndrome or poisoning ” of chocolate toxicity .” Methyl are found naturally in plants , food , chocolate for dogs, drinks and a variety of human and veterinary drugs.

Mild reactions can be observed after ingestion of 20 mg / kg. Moderate to severe reactions may be observed at higher doses of 40 mg / kg . chocolate for dogs Severe reactions , seizures and death can occur at doses more than 40 to 45 mg / kg. Dose ” LD 50 ” refers to the dose at which half or 50% of the animals die after ingestion or exposure ( based on laboratory research ) . The LD of the theorem and caffeine in dogs and cats is 100-200 mg / kg .
chocolate for dogs LD for hemophilia is 300 mg / kg (dogs ) and 700 mg / kg (cats ) . However, animals can and do die from well below the LD exhibitions. In case of doubt , consult your veterinarian as soon as possible!

Clinical signs usually occur within 6 to 12 hours after ingestion. These chocolate for dogs clinical signs are :

chocolate for dogs
Racing heart rhythm progressing to abnormal rhythms
Death in severe cases

It takes about 4 days chocolate for dogs for the effects of chocolate to make its way to the system of a dog. If the chocolate is eat , may vomit , otherwise , hospitalization and support are needed until the chocolate has made wits way onto the system.

More details :
Theo bromine is a methyl that occur as the main alkaloid in chocolate and cocoa powder. This is chocolate for dogs the substance that is primarily responsible for chocolate poisoning in dogs and other pets.

The treatment of ingestion of more than 20 mg / kg body weight of theorem or equivalent ( about 40 mg per kg body weight ) chocolate for dogs is recommended.

Theo bromine content per gram of chocolate product
White chocolate – 0.009 mg ( 9 PPM )
Drinking chocolate ( dry ) – 0.5 mg
Milk chocolate chocolate for dogs – from 1.5 to 2.2 mg
Plain ( dark) chocolate – 45-16 mg
Cocoa powder – 5.3 26 mg
Cocoa beans – 1,143 mg
Cocoa shell mulch ( Mulch Yard) – 14-30 mg

The quantities of the following substances can cause the following problems:

7 g ( 0.25 ounces ) of baking chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight
56 g ( 2 oz ) of milk chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight
11.2 kg ( 400 oz ) of white chocolate per kilogram ( kg ) of body weight

* Remember that 1 kg = 2.2 pounds (Beg , a dog weighing 10 kg = 22 pounds). Divide your weight by 2.2 to animals convert pounds to kilograms units.

* In case of doubt as to the chocolate for dogs amount of chocolate your dog has ingested , consult your veterinarian immediately ! In fact, you should consult your veterinarian in any case you suspect that your dog has ingested a toxic or harmful substance.

Use our handy calculator to help you determine the level of risk in relation to your dog. Calculator chocolate for dogs

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Chocolate and Dogs

chocolate for dogs

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