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How To Cut Dog Nails

29 Nov
Does your dog need a manicure? One of the most dreaded grooming needs of cutting dog nails  our dogs is their nails. They not only do they hate having their nails cut , we hate to do. If you hate cutting your dog’s nails and want to learn how to keep your dog’s nails cut and shaped easily , here’s how :
First, cutting dog nails whether you hear a click – click sound while your dog walks across the kitchen floor , it’s time to cut those nails. Long nails on a dog can actually be painful for them . What are really overgrown nails can even curl up to your dog’s paw , piercing in her skates !
There are cutting dog nails  several types of nail clippers on the market , so choose one that you feel comfortable . Basic types of dog nail clippers :
Clipper Guillotine – This section When you insert the tip cutting dog nails  of the nail to move into the opening and press it . Good for large breed dogs .
Clippers Scissors – These work more like scissors to cut the nail.
Grinder – This is a great way to finish the nail or for easy maintenance .cutting dog nails  It is the PediPaws mark or you can use a professional grinder ( like a dog groomer would use ) or even a dremel .
Note: If you are unsure cutting dog nails  about the process, ask your vet to show you how to do the first time.
5 Easy Steps to carve dog Nails
Get supplies ready : Before you begin, gather the supplies you will need to have in hand clippers, powder or cornstarch , wet a washcloth , towel warmer, and a few treats for dogs hemostatic .
Calm your dog : Calm your dog with a cutting dog nails  relaxing massage or fondle her gently while until I gets sleepy. Continue along massage his legs to his feet and more .
A little at a time : Try to cut only a few nails on your first session , then offer a treat as a reward. Wait a few hours and then try to do a little more cutting dog nails  .
 Continue this process , even if it takes a few days to get the fours completed. Be sure and cut only the end point of each nail to avoid cutting the quick cutting dog nails .
Smooth the edges : Use an emery board or grinder to smooth each cut nail.
Reward your dog : In addition to sweets , take your dog for a quick walk around the block when you are finished. With rewards of this kind, it will not be long before your dog starts looking forward to having his nails trimmed cutting dog nails  .
More information about trimming nails and dog grooming .
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How To Cut Dog Nails

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