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dog cough

13 Oct
Your dog makes all sorts of noises dog cough , and many of them probably sound like a human cough. In fact, flu hit often described as having a cough ” barking ” person . But dogs can actually cough too often sounds like it does when you ‘re crowded and cold, or as if you sneeze in reverse , as they can try to attract a large amount of air instead of force with a strong ” Ah Choo ! ” There are many possible causes coughing dog , according to Lynelle Johnson , DVM . She is Associate Professor at the University of California , Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine . Here is his collection of canine cough , which includes some of the main causes of dog cough and related conditions dog cough .
Kennel cough This disease often results from a combination of viral and bacterial intruders in canine airways. If your dog has a cough , sometimes accompanied by a white foam as saliva could have kennel cough .chronic coughing The most common bacteria in suspension related to kennel cough tend to spread in close quarters , such as kennels , boarding , dog parks and other similar areas. This condition usually lasts one to two weeks and is treated with antibiotics and other prescription drugs chronic coughing. Confine your dog until you are back to avoid infecting other animals dogs allergies dog cough .
dog cough And if you go during the recovery period of your dog , try using a harness rather than a collar and leash to discourage cough reflex dogs allergies .
Disease Chronic bronchitis is characterized by excessive mucus in the airways that is triggered by inflammation. Smoking can cause canine bronchitis , so if you smoke, do not do it near your dog. Pollution, dust and chronic coughing grains in the environment can also lead to inflammation . Ask your vet about corticosteroids to treat symptoms dog cough .
This tracheal collapse tends to occur in dogs toy and miniature size with a flat trachea , instead of a tower or a ” C-shaped ” .
dog cough “When the pressure changes in the airways during breathing dog cough , collapses . Sometimes dogs can get infections or bronchitis and respiratory collapse , “says Dr. Johnson dog cough. Treatment may include medication dog cough, surgery or a combination of both dogs allergies .
Congestive heart failure heart disease can cause dogs to the accumulation of fluid in the lungs , which could lead to cough dogs allergies , especially at night . Heart enlargement may also cause coughing . Dobermans, Boxers , Cocker and small dogs appear to be more vulnerable to heart disease and associated cough .
Fungal infections Fungal infections can cause coughing , shortness of breath , dog cough weight loss and fever. Your dog may require antifungul drugs for long periods , according to Dr. Johnson. Keep away from the canines and their chronic coughing cooperative bird droppings, because they can be a breeding ground for fungi chronic coughing dogs allergies .
Parasites such as heart worm and worms dog cough can also cause your dog to cough. These can be treated with anti- parasitic drugs , preventive pills and topical medications that your veterinarian can provide dog cough .
Dogs foreign bodies can eat a variety of substances and objects such as sticks or foxtails , which may lead to coughing. These plants can stay in the gums or later your dog’s throat chronic coughing . If this happens , usually with a veterinarian is necessary to remove them.
The lung cancer cough can be dog cough a symptom of cancer, but is rare in dogs. However, it is good to have your veterinarian rule out as a possibility. Canine lung cancer frequently metastasize , or spread of a tumor to other parts of the body chronic coughing. If your veterinarian suspects that your dog may have this disease , you may be referred to an oncologist , who can provide more specialized care.
Pneumonia This serious disease is characterized by coughing and gasping mucus “soft” chronic coughing. Pneumonia requires immediate attention , including antibiotics and fluids.
Influenza caused by the influenza virus , which is a relatively new disease in dogs. It is a highly contagious respiratory infection in its mild form includes coughing. In its severe form , signs of pneumonia are present.
DISTEMPER Again , cough can be a highly contagious viral symptoms of this devastating disease , a disease that is spread by respiratory secretions of chronic coughing an infected dog , urine or feces . Is easily prevented by vaccination.
Do not rely on guesswork . dog cough If your dog barking cough sounds more ” strawberry ” dog cough , seek the advice of an expert. Your vet can probably help eliminate the cough then you and your dog can breathe a sigh of relief dog cough.

dog cough

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dog diarrhea treatment

11 Oct
Puppies with diarrhea among the best puppy as a common problem, and become familiar with the treatment of dog diarrhea treatment  is important. Mild cases can be treated at home and improve , but diarrhea can be fatal to puppies. Diarrhea is not a disease. It is a sign of the disease, and can be caused by many different conditions dog diarrhea treatment .
The causes of diarrhea puppy
Diabetes treatments dog diarrhea treatment may be associated with viruses such as ovoviviparous and distemper . It can also be caused by intestinal parasites , such as the whip , dog diarrhea treatment intestinal parasites diabetes treatments , protozoa such as Guardia , bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli .
Dog diarrhea treatment Certain types of intestinal parasites can be very difficult for veterinary examinations to detect and can take several weeks for a diagnostic test .
Puppies can also develop diarrhea and a sudden change in diet diabetes treatments . The stress of being a new home could cause diarrhea. Overeating or eating garbage also causes stomach upset. Without  knowing the cause dog diarrhea treatment , appropriate treatment can be proposed .
Consult your veterinarian immediately !
Dog diarrhea treatment may indicate conditions that could kill your puppy. Do not wait – the resulting dehydration can make you sick puppies diabetes treatments . Consult your veterinarian immediately if your puppy diarrhea :
It dog diarrhea treatment
It looks black with a tarry consistency
It smells very dirty
It contains large amounts of red blood cells
The diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting , pain , fever , diabetes treatments dog diarrhea treatment loss of appetite or lethargy .
Try at home
It is always best to get a vet first . Dog diarrhea treatment However, your veterinarian may recommend mild forms of diarrhea be treated at home diabetes treatments .
Dog diarrhea treatment For example, if it is less than three days, the puppy still feels and acts well , and diarrhea is puddings , home care can help .
Until you see the vet , feed 12-24 hours . That supports the digestive tract irritation and gives a chance to heal . Also, if nothing happens on your pet , there is nothing to do. However, do not keep food longer than without the advice of your veterinarian dog diarrhea treatment  .
Make sure water is always available. It is easy for puppies dehydrate quickly . A sudden watery diarrhea can allow large amounts of important minerals and body fluids. If your pet is reluctant to drink, offer ice cubes to lick. 
Dog diarrhea treatment  Pediatric or Storage mixed 50/50 with water can counteract dehydration if you drink diabetes treatments .
Pet – Pistol and Cooperate can help your puppy, if you like the taste (some do!) . Using a needless syringe or turkey bastes to spray the medicine into the mouth. Your veterinarian will tell you the correct dose if the situation is appropriate for your puppy.
It often takes a few days for your puppy ‘s stomach to calm down , and a soft diet may help . This single white rice or macaroni until the chicken very soft unsalted usual. Add a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt for extra flavor . Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, which helps balance the disruption caused by diarrhea. The fiber-rich pumpkin can help with constipation or diarrhea to help normalize bowel movements dog diarrhea treatment.
Although diarrhea is zero, what to do can make sure all is well. Literally dog diarrhea treatment  .

dog diarrhea treatment

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bernese mountain dog rescue

11 Oct

bernese mountain dog rescue

Bernese Mountain Dog temperament

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a peaceful, quiet companion , familiar (for example, after leaving the stage of adolescence) . It is sensitive, loyal and very dedicated last . He is gentle with children and often reserved with strangers . Usually obtained with other dogs and pets bernese mountain dog rescue.

Bernese Mountain Dog Dog Care

This dog loves the outdoors , bernese mountain dog rescue especially in cold climates . He needs daily exercise , but moderate , a hike or a walk in the e -mail . It is so in tune with his human family that can not be relegated to living alone in the yard bernese mountain dog rescue. The interior has plenty of space to stretch out . Its coat needs brushing once or twice a week , usually when you move last chance animal rescue. Life Berne is described by a Swiss expression . ” Three years a young dog, three years a good dog bernese mountain dog rescue, and three years an old dog while the rest is a gift from God last chance animal rescue .

Bernese Mountain Dog Health

Major concerns : CHD , elbow dysplasia , histiocytosis , OCD
Minor problems: fragmented coronoid process , gastric torsion , PRA
Occasionally seen : Hypomyelination
Suggested tests : hip, elbow , eye
Lifespan: 7-9 years
Note: Care must be taken to avoid heat stroke bernese mountain dog rescue dogs for homes .

bernese mountain dog rescue

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how do dogs get fleas ?

9 Oct
If you own a dog that you are dealing with a flea infestation , for the first time , it’s probably because he was very careful to prevent fleas. And yet , dogs get fleas despite your best efforts , your dog is affected by these pesky insects .
Even if your dog stays close to home , dogs get fleas fleas and ticks are tricky creatures and have the means to do it at home and on your pets , even with precautions in place . All you need is a pair of chips to install in your garden to create a large-scale plague your yard, your pet and your home.
other animals
dogs get fleas Unfortunately, there is no way to keep all wild animals dogs get fleas in your garden – not even with a high fence . No court is an island to himself , and squirrels , dogs get fleas raccoons and other small rodents find ways to get into your yard with fleas and ticks with them.
The more visitors you have to your yard , dogs get fleas the more chances of an infestation to reach the back of another animal. Wild cats roaming your property also carry fleas and ticks. This is one reason not to encourage wild animals entering the area of ​​your dog to leave offerings , such as corn , nuts and seeds. Even a bowl of water, dogs get fleas set aside for when your dog is outside , it is an invitation to other animals hanging dogs get fleas .
Man carrying
You and your human visitors can also involuntary ticks and fleas. He who comes to your home can be a carrier of fleas. They can be brought from home or an animal person without his knowledge .
If you enjoy spending time outdoors in areas where fleas and ticks are common , it is easy for some to hitchhike in leg pants , socks , shoes, etc. These parasites are well adapted to looking for ways to connect potential guests to find their next blood meal.
Out of Home
Whenever your pet is in the world – if only for short walks around the block , play dates at local dog park, a visit to the vet, a kennel in a season travel haircut, a ride in the car, etc. – you are exposed to the possibility of fleas and ticks to jump on board .
You can be very careful with the control of your dog against ticks after a hike through the woods or a trip to the lake, but ticks ( and fleas ) are good at hiding and they are hairier the deepest crevices the skin of your pet. Look especially near the skin of the neck , abdomen and in the group of ” well .”
Be proactive
how do dogs get fleas Because fleas and ticks are so good at what they do , you need to be extra vigilant during peak flea and tick season – usually the hottest month of spring to early fall ( in the southern states of the season fleas and ticks can be the year). If you notice one or two insects on your dog, take it seriously getting rid of fleas , before becoming a full-blown infestation how do dogs get fleas getting rid of fleas .
If your dog is young or old, or if you have a health problem underlying , dogs get fleas consult your veterinarian for advice on the best preventive medicine and the safest way to use .
dogs get fleas Your doctor will be able to show you the proper way to apply these drugs and recommend the right dose for the age and weight of your dog. If you catch the problem quickly enough , dogs get fleas may be able to avoid chemical solutions and try natural alternatives first dogs get fleas .
One solution is to fight against the landscaping of the plague. Outside there are plants that are known for their flea repellent properties , and it is worth trying to beat the landscaping of the plague. getting rid of fleas However, it is often dogs get fleas easier dogs get fleas and more efficient use of pesticides and chemical repellents for gardens and perimeter treatment ,getting rid of fleas especially when it is a scourge that is already in full swing getting rid of fleas .
If you have a problem with fleas dogs get fleas and ticks, you may want to use chemical remedies tested and for this season,getting rid of fleas so you can easily enjoy the rest of the season , saving repel fleas dependence landscaping next spring . It is much easier to start early , getting rid of fleas keeping noise to a level that is trying to eradicate once they have had the chance to reproduce and install in your home and on your dog dogs get fleas .

how do dogs get fleas ?

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Tips for Bringing Dogs and Cats Togethe

8 Oct
The war between cats and dogs is a matter of debate in Hollywood to their places of origin. Pet owners have many examples of pet cats to their canine Dogs and Cats  companions, dogs chase cats outside its territory or of these two species ignore respectfully. The two should not automatically Dogs and Cats   “fight like cats and dogs.” Your ability to hear is determined by their own experiences with other species accumulated before the match.Dogs and Cats  Their communication styles vary as well, which may lend confusing: a dog wags its tail to show happiness and the desire to play, a cat with its tail whips to indicate displeasure or anger can help to share a house, keeping the interests and instincts of each animal. mind. Here are 10 tips Dogs and Cats .

Tips for Bringing Dogs and Cats Togethe

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Can dogs drink milk?

28 Sep

Yes, dogs can drink milk.
can dogs drink milk
A common misconception is dog food for dogs can not drink milk, but no one can explain why dogs can not drink milk. Some people have said that milk is bad for dogs and caused diarrhea.
can dogs drink milk  Truth: Many dogs can easily digest dairy products like milk and yogurt,can dogs drink milk but some dogs are difficult to digest, even cause diarrhea or vomiting.

can dogs drink milk Dogs can also suffer from lactose intolerance, like humans. It mainly depends on whether your dog can produce enough lactose, the enzyme to digest lactose, a type of sugar found in milk (cow, goat, sheep).
can dogs drink milk  Only lactose is broken down into sugars absorption easier, digestive system can not digest and absorb.

Remember that even dogs with lactose intolerance can also break down and digest lactose a low dose. Dogs can drink milk, but too much can cause digestive problems.

can dogs drink milk If you want to know if the dog has a lactose intolerance, you can feed your dog several tablespoons of milk and watch carefully.
 If you noticed that dogs have gas, diarrhea or vomiting, dogs have a good chance of being lactose intolerant. It should be noted that if your dog is still a puppy can dogs drink milk, do not eat milk can.

In conclusion, milk can kill dogs can drink milk. Even your dog is lactose intolerant , can also drink a small amount of milk as a gift can dogs drink milk.

Can dogs drink milk?

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