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how do dogs get fleas ?

9 Oct
If you own a dog that you are dealing with a flea infestation , for the first time , it’s probably because he was very careful to prevent fleas. And yet , dogs get fleas despite your best efforts , your dog is affected by these pesky insects .
Even if your dog stays close to home , dogs get fleas fleas and ticks are tricky creatures and have the means to do it at home and on your pets , even with precautions in place . All you need is a pair of chips to install in your garden to create a large-scale plague your yard, your pet and your home.
other animals
dogs get fleas Unfortunately, there is no way to keep all wild animals dogs get fleas in your garden – not even with a high fence . No court is an island to himself , and squirrels , dogs get fleas raccoons and other small rodents find ways to get into your yard with fleas and ticks with them.
The more visitors you have to your yard , dogs get fleas the more chances of an infestation to reach the back of another animal. Wild cats roaming your property also carry fleas and ticks. This is one reason not to encourage wild animals entering the area of ​​your dog to leave offerings , such as corn , nuts and seeds. Even a bowl of water, dogs get fleas set aside for when your dog is outside , it is an invitation to other animals hanging dogs get fleas .
Man carrying
You and your human visitors can also involuntary ticks and fleas. He who comes to your home can be a carrier of fleas. They can be brought from home or an animal person without his knowledge .
If you enjoy spending time outdoors in areas where fleas and ticks are common , it is easy for some to hitchhike in leg pants , socks , shoes, etc. These parasites are well adapted to looking for ways to connect potential guests to find their next blood meal.
Out of Home
Whenever your pet is in the world – if only for short walks around the block , play dates at local dog park, a visit to the vet, a kennel in a season travel haircut, a ride in the car, etc. – you are exposed to the possibility of fleas and ticks to jump on board .
You can be very careful with the control of your dog against ticks after a hike through the woods or a trip to the lake, but ticks ( and fleas ) are good at hiding and they are hairier the deepest crevices the skin of your pet. Look especially near the skin of the neck , abdomen and in the group of ” well .”
Be proactive
how do dogs get fleas Because fleas and ticks are so good at what they do , you need to be extra vigilant during peak flea and tick season – usually the hottest month of spring to early fall ( in the southern states of the season fleas and ticks can be the year). If you notice one or two insects on your dog, take it seriously getting rid of fleas , before becoming a full-blown infestation how do dogs get fleas getting rid of fleas .
If your dog is young or old, or if you have a health problem underlying , dogs get fleas consult your veterinarian for advice on the best preventive medicine and the safest way to use .
dogs get fleas Your doctor will be able to show you the proper way to apply these drugs and recommend the right dose for the age and weight of your dog. If you catch the problem quickly enough , dogs get fleas may be able to avoid chemical solutions and try natural alternatives first dogs get fleas .
One solution is to fight against the landscaping of the plague. Outside there are plants that are known for their flea repellent properties , and it is worth trying to beat the landscaping of the plague. getting rid of fleas However, it is often dogs get fleas easier dogs get fleas and more efficient use of pesticides and chemical repellents for gardens and perimeter treatment ,getting rid of fleas especially when it is a scourge that is already in full swing getting rid of fleas .
If you have a problem with fleas dogs get fleas and ticks, you may want to use chemical remedies tested and for this season,getting rid of fleas so you can easily enjoy the rest of the season , saving repel fleas dependence landscaping next spring . It is much easier to start early , getting rid of fleas keeping noise to a level that is trying to eradicate once they have had the chance to reproduce and install in your home and on your dog dogs get fleas .

how do dogs get fleas ?

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