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The Most Popular Miniature Dogs

25 Nov
Many people around the world own dogs for different reasons . They are considered the best friend of man . There are many breeds with different characteristics and capabilities.
Miniature dogs are the most popular today among the types of dogs because they are easier to maintain. Miniature dogs or toy dogs sometimes called species are essentially small dogs regularly.
Many owners of miniature dogs feel the greatest benefits of owning dogs. To begin with, the dogs do not eat as much food as compared to larger dogs. Toy dogs do not require too much space in your home or garden. These dogs can easily adapt to owners who live in small apartments because they do not require much exercise .
Although these dogs are small , with the strong and distinct personality. They are also ideal pets for young children and a good companion Tours
If you are interested in owning a miniature pet your dog, it is important that you understand that these dogs have characteristics and needs . For example , older people are more likely to nature and care of pet dogs. Some prefer the guy who could take with them when hunting . Your lifestyle and personality must be considered when choosing which breed to get. You should also consider your financial capacity in terms of providing food and preparation necessary too.
Many breeds of miniature dogs have excellent intelligence as the Eastland Sheepdog . Some are good for dog shows , while others are ideal as watchdogs.
Here are some of the most favorite of many pet lovers miniature dogs.
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Poodles are considered one of the most popular breeds in the world. Poodles are friendly, obedient and intelligent. This type of dog excels in the area of ​​competition obedience. They are the most common types used for dog shows . Live longer compared to other types of dogs . Poodles need a lot of grooming and regular baths to keep your hair .
This dog breed is originally stop to hair that has been used to protect sheep . The word Poodle comes from a German word puddle . The miniature poodle we known today originated in Germany poodle Miniature Dogs.
Shih Tug
This breed of miniature dog is funny, affectionate and intelligent. This toy dog ​​wants to be cuddled and loved. This type of dog likes to be prepared daily and intensified the usual places. Are also considered as good guard dogs a toy dog.
If you decide to have a Shih Tug Miniature Dogs , it is important to prepare every day Miniature Dogs , if your hair tangles develop. The shield can also be adjusted so as not to impede their daily activities. His hairy body is also prone to slow and ticks make sure it a toy dog is washed and shampoo regularly a toy dog.
The Shih Tug breed is the result of cross Lash Paso and Pekingese for breeding of Chinese people. During the time of the Empress Tug- his , the export of these breeds is not allowed . It was not until the death of the a toy dog Empress that Shih Tug dogs were smuggled and reached Europe Miniature Dogs.
The Chihuahua is another Miniature Dogs breed of miniature dog. Essentially, they are easy to maintain compared to a toy dog other types of miniature dogs. This is the smallest breed of dog in the world .
Its name was taken from a state in Mexico . These dogs are considered sacred to the Miniature Dogs Incas.
Whatever breed of miniature Miniature Dogs dogs that you have chosen as your pet , it is important to know enough information about the characteristics, needs and Miniature Dogs maintenance capabilities before deciding to have one as a pet Miniature Dogs.

The Most Popular Miniature Dogs

Miniature Dogs

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